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UXV Technologies Expands Operations in the US with New Production Facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Johnstown, PA – June 02, 2023 - UXV Technologies, a leading innovator in drone and robotics technology, is delighted to announce the establishment of a state-of-the-art production facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

This strategic move represents a significant milestone in UXV Technologies' commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the United States and meeting the growing demand for advanced autonomous systems solutions across various industries, including defense.


Referenced in the order of the picture:
From Left: Johan Nielsen, Executive Vice President, UXV Technologies, Inc.
Frederik Bergenfelt Friis, CSO & Director for Global Public Affairs, UXV Technologies, Inc.
Justin McFarlin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Industrial Base Development & International Engagement
Klaus Bolving, Business Development Director, Censec (Center for Defense, Space, and Security) Denmark, Former head of section Danish Military Intelligence.


In response to the company's rapid growth and increasing customer demand, UXV Technologies has selected Johnstown as the ideal location for its new U.S. manufacturing facility. The decision was based on several factors, including the city's skilled workforce, unique industry ecosystem, and supportive business environment.

 "We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a production facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.This expansion underscores our company’s commitment to strengthening its presence in the United States. With this facility, we are well-equipped to meet the surging market demand for autonomous systems and enhance our production capabilities close to our customers," said Steven Friberg, CEO of UXV Technologies, Inc.

 The establishment of the Johnstown facility not only facilitates the scaling of production but also aims to tap into a thriving ecosystem for innovation.

 "We believe in fostering collaboration between our engineers, developers, and local industry partners to push the boundaries of innovation in drone and robotics technology.By establishing this production facility in Johnstown, we will become part of a vibrant ecosystem and look very much forward to supporting job creation and nurturing local partnerships,” added Steven Friberg, CEO of UXV Technologies, Inc.     



About UXV Technologies, Inc:

UXV Technologies designs, develops and manufactures drone and robotics technology for business and government clients. The company is specialized in command and control (ground control stations) solutions and sensors for a wide range of unmanned applications, including UAVs, UGVs, ASVs, and subsea ROVs.

Headquartered in Denmark with additional offices in the United States, we believe in the power of nurturing strong partnerships with our customers by investing in understanding their products and services. This enables the company to become a trusted advisor and a strategic supply chain partner that can supply key components that perfectly integrate, extend, and add value to our customer’s existing products and solutions.


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CSO & Director for Global Public Affairs

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