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Navigator Tab 3

With the Navigator Tab 3 we offer the first easy extendable addon to an existing Samsung Tablet, allowing you to “dock” in your tablet and gain the capability to operate using the Navigator Tab3s joysticks and buttons.

The Navigator Tab 3 is radio agnostic and offers 2x joystick, 2x 5-direction buttons and 2x buttons. With the IP 65 USB-C the Navigator Tab 3 allows the operator to extend functionality further, as it enables the user to connect the navigator to other mobile devices.

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  • Fits Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 <Not included>

Excluding Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 tablet

  • 1.20 lbs / 545 g
  • 11.3 x 5.39 x 2.2 inches / 287 x 137 x 56 mm

* = Optional

  • 2x Joysticks
  • 2x 5-direction buttons
  • 2x Buttons
  • USB-C
  • WIFI
NavBay communication modules

NavBay modules allows you to connect external radios on the backside of the Navigator Tab 3

  • RFD900
  • RFD868
  • Rajant Dx2
  • ODU w. ethernet
  • Microhard Pico interface

* = Optional

Branding & Configuration

For quantities over 100 pcs

  • Custom logo
  • Custom colors
  • Custom joystick layout
  • Custom engraving
  • Custom firmware

* = Optional

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