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Unleashing the Power of Swappable Radio Modules (SRM): The Future of Connectivity Is Here.

In today's interconnected world, maintaining seamless communication is paramount, and the driving force behind this revolution lies in the realm of swappable radio modules produced by UXV Technologies. These groundbreaking devices are spearheading a transformative wave, reshaping the way humans can interact, communicate, and access information. With their compact size, adaptability, and compatibility, SRM radios become indispensable components across various industries.

From industrial automation to healthcare technologies, from defense missions to agriculture processes, these powerful SRM radios facilitate uninterrupted data transmission and connectivity across diverse networks. The integration of radio modules into products empowers businesses to harness the potential of wireless communication, facilitating real-time data access, monitoring, and control. This advancement not only enhances operational efficiency but also unlocks a world of possibilities for advanced automation and remote management.



The versatility of UXV Technologies’ SRM radios is truly remarkable. They operate across different frequencies, supporting various protocols. This inherent flexibility ensures compatibility and enables seamless integration with a wide array of devices and networks. As technology continues to evolve, the SRM radios remain pivotal in shaping the future of connectivity. Leveraging their capabilities will undoubtedly lead to innovative solutions within many areas, including for defense robotics and unmanned systems.  

Swappable Radio Modules: The Game Changer

Enter swappable radio modules, a solution that addresses the ever-growing need for adaptability and versatility in the realm of ground control stations for unmanned systems. These modules enable operators to effortlessly swap out radio units, offering compatibility with different frequency bands or communication protocols. 

The result: enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing a wide range of tasks and scenarios.

Our range of radio integrations within the SRM family gives the operator's communication equipment an entirely new level of flexibility, efficiency and feasibility. Here at UXV, we take pride in contributing to the development of new communication equipment that simplifies everyday operations for our partners - states Christoffer Cady, Project Manager, R&D Department, UXV Technologies.



UXV Technologies' Swappable Radio Module (SRM): Setting the Standard

UXV Technologies takes the concept of swappable radio modules to a whole new level with its Swappable Radio Module (SRM), adhering to US government standards for defense robotics. Offering seamless integration of 25 different radio configurations, including Persistent Systems,  Silvus Technologies, Doodle Labs, MicroHard and TrellisWare, UXV Technologies' SRM radios are a testament to adaptability and performance.

Within the SRM lineup, there are two noteworthy variations:

  • SRM-S: these radios operate on less than 15 watts and give the option to use internal power from the SRoC controller, boasting a voltage range of 5.5 - 20 DC [V] or use a twist-on battery as optional.
  • SRM-L: these radios typically consume more than 15 watts, necessitating an external twist-on battery or power through the SRM sledge with external power to the sledge. Their voltage range spans from 10 - 20 DC [V].

 An essential component for SRM-L operation is a twist-on battery. Moreover, all swappable radio modules carry IP65 certification. 


Extraordinary Possibilities with SRM: Seamless Integration and Transition

One of the standout advantages of UXV Technologies' SRMs is their compatibility with a single controller such as UXV Technologies’ SRoC - Soldier Robotic Controller, allowing users to seamlessly switch between swappable radio modules with varying power consumption and frequencies tailored to specific purposes. For those utilizing the UXV Technologies SRoC ground controller, swapping these modules becomes a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly design on the controller's backside.

Even if you're utilizing a different controller, the flexibility remains intact. UXV Technologies offers a range of SRM accessories, including SRM Airside, SRM Molle dock, or the SBCM - Soldier Borne Compute Module, facilitating easy integration and versatility.



In a world where adaptability and versatility are paramount, swappable radio modules, such as those offered by UXV Technologies, are revolutionizing the landscape of ground control stations for unmanned vehicles. By seamlessly integrating these modules, operators gain the power to effortlessly switch between configurations, frequencies, and power consumption levels, opening up new frontiers for precision, efficiency, and connectivity. With UXV Technologies' commitment to excellence and innovation, the future of ground control stations and unmanned vehicles is undoubtedly more dynamic and promising than ever before.


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