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Looking back on AUVSI 2023

From May 9-11th the world's leading robotics companies gathered in Denver, Colorado for AUVSI 2023.

UXV Technologies had some busy and exciting days at AUVSI with a lot of interesting and giving conversations with both existing and potential customers and suppliers. Throughout Xponential, UXV Technologies' team of experts actively engaged with visitors and customers, sharing their knowledge and insights about the immense potential of robotics and autonomous systems. It has been a successful trip with many great and exciting things in store. 


“Xponential enabled UXV Technologies to showcase our products in a tangible way. This gave our potential customers a better understanding of the value of our products. The show allowed us to enhance the company’s brand visibility and raise awareness about the commodities of UXV Technologies,” says Marketing Coordinator at UXV Technologies, Kateryna Rudenko, about this year's exhibition in Denver.

Renewal of partnership with Doodle Labs

It was also a pleasure to announce UXV Technologies' extended partnership with Doodle Labs. UXV and Doodle Labs began collaborative development of solutions in the mobile robotics space in 2019. Now they together commit to continued development of technology and expanded marketing activity and engagement in the broader robotics market. It was an honor to cross-promote solutions at both UXV Technologies' and Doodle labs booth, so customers could see how the companies solutions fit together and why the partnership makes sense. 


Steven Friberg in panel discussion

One of the highlights was also CEO Steven Fribergs participation in a captivating panel discussion titled "How Collaboration Sparks Innovation in DIU's Blue UAS Program." 

“It was an honor to join esteemed partners such as Defense Innovation Unit, Doodle Labs, Teal Drones, and ModalAI in sharing insights and expertise on this subject. Together, we explored collaboration's vital role in propelling innovation within the program,” Says Steven Friberg about his participation.

Overall, Xponential 2023 was truly rewarding, providing a platform to showcase UXV Technologies' cutting-edge offerings while fostering connections and engaging in meaningful discussions with industry leaders.

UXV Technologies look forward to continuing these dialogues soon, as we strive to push the boundaries of robotics and autonomous systems together.

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