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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is here and the holiday looks different for everyone. We all have special traditions and our own unique way of celebrating. In honor of December 1st, we have asked around the office to find out what our UXV family does for Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner. The calendar shows December 1st and this year is soon coming to an end. But first, Christmas awaits. Mulled wine or hot coco by the fireplace, christmas markets, cookies, special movies and songs, and time with family and friends. Because today is the first of December, we have asked around the office to hear what our UXV Technologies family is doing for christmas.


Sam, Mechatronic Engineer:

This year I am going to Australia with my girlfriend to celebrate Christmas down-under. We are very excited, since it is my first Christmas back home in 3 years and her first christmas in Australia. In Australia we spend the month of December to decorate our plastic tree, since real trees are a fire hazard in Australia. On Christmas day, we celebrate with a Christmas barbecue lunch outside in summer warmth, followed by present unwrapping and the eventual food-nap. And to top it all off, a beach trip is often included.

Kateryna Rudenko, Marketing Coordinator

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about this holiday: Decoration, atmosphere, and the anticipation of wonders. I have always spent Christmas with my family but this year is different. My family is in Ukraine and I am in Denmark. So this year Christmas is full of hope. And of course, I have only one wish for this year - peace for my lovely Ukraine and for all the people who suffer from the war. Everyone deserves to have a home and celebrate Christmas with family or friends.

In Ukraine we have two Christmases - catholic and orthodox, and 2 New Years - new and old calendars, which I love. Usually, Ukrainians celebrate Christmas with family and New Year's Eve with friends. We also have two days during this time when kids go from home to home singing Christmas carols and the hosts give some candies for it. On the 6th of January, we have orthodox Christmas eve. On this day, the godparents visit their goddaughters and sons. When I was a child I loved that evening as usually I got many presents from my godparents.

As I am far away from my family, and my friends were forced to move to different cities, I plan to spend Christmas with my best friend who lives in London now. I am looking forward to seeing her and to having that feeling of home I have missed so much.

Andreas Kihl, Mechanical Engineer

In my family we have a few Christmas traditions. We always make Christmas sweets and every other year, we go to our old farm house in Sweden in the middle of the forest, where we are isolated from almost all communication and have to go out on a hill to get internet. So we play games and have a good time together. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and having some nice and cozy walks in the forest with my puppy.

Nicolai Høier, Security Developer

I am looking most forward to visiting my oldest brother and his two kids, who live in Jylland, a few hours away from me. Me and my parents are gonna spend December 23 with them. I am gonna spend christmas eve with my other brothers, my parents, and my grandmom, and we are just gonna relax and enjoy the evening. I always look forward to Christmas and to relax and enjoy time with my family after a hectic time with exams and work. It is a tradition in my family to make danish rice porridge on December 23. Christmas eve we also do really traditional, with Danish Christmas food. So we always eat duck and Danish flæskesteg. On Christmas day we always watch the NBA and eat Danish risalamande.

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