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Enhancing Underwater Operations: A Dynamic Collaboration between UXV Technologies and Blueye Robotics

In a seamless synergy, the Blueye Robotics underwater drone and UXV Technologies' ground control station unite to redefine the possibilities of subaquatic exploration. The partnership has unlocked new frontiers for efficiency, precision, and discovery beneath the waves.

In the fall of 2022, Blueye Robotics embarked on a journey of collaboration with UXV Technologies, setting the sights on enhancing the capabilities of the Blueye Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) system. This partnership aimed to provide the clients of Blueye Robotics with a more comprehensive solution, ultimately strengthening its ability to serve a variety of use-cases in challenging marine environments.

Identifying the Need

The quest for a more rugged and waterproof controller was driven by the demand for a robust solution among the clients of Blueye Robotics operating in demanding and often rough conditions. This need extended to clients like the Norwegian Coast Guard and fish farms, such as SalMar, along the Norwegian coast. Additionally, they required a controller that seamlessly integrated with the Blueye App-based system.

Customization Made Easy

The Android-based UXV Technologies Navigator Tab 3 tablet proved to be the perfect fit for the needs, thanks to its compatibility with the Blueye Apps readily available on Google Play. This compatibility meant minimal customization was required to make the controller seamlessly operate with a ROV system. Minor adjustments to the ROV controls were necessary due to differences in button layout and options on the UXV controller.

Users using the UXV controller for their Blueye ROV can simply download the Blueye App from the App Store or Google Play, making the transition into underwater exploration swift and hassle-free. For added convenience, users can configure the Active Key on the tablet to open the Blueye App directly, ensuring seamless access without accidentally navigating to other apps.

 Our decision to operate the Blueye ROVs from standard iOS or Android devices is rooted in a strategy and vision where the Blueye App is part of a broader mobile ecosystem, where we can quickly leverage innovations in software and hardware from partners such as UXV Technologies. As the UXV Navigator Tab 3 is Android-based, we had to do minimal integration work to bring the Blueye App and user experience to this high-quality military-grade rugged device states Jonas Follesø, CTO of Blueye Robotics.

Technical Advantages

The UVX Technologies Navigator Tab 3, which Blueye has dubbed "The Rugged Controller”,  offers numerous advantages for underwater operations with Blueye ROVs. Its waterproof and dust-resistant design empowers Blueye Robotics users to operate confidently in harsh conditions without worrying about weather constraints. The controller's compatibility extends across all Blueye ROV models, catering to users with various ROV setups.

The spacious and bright screen, coupled with the S-pen, enhances control and visibility during inspections and underwater missions. Additionally, the larger screen size facilitates easy post-dive report editing directly on the tablet—a valuable feature for users who often work while wearing gloves, especially in cold regions like Norway.

Seamless Charging

The Samsung tablet's USB-C charging aligns perfectly with the Blueye Charger kit. The 4-port power supply includes a dedicated port for ROV charging while simultaneously allowing users to charge other diving accessories, including the Rugged Controller. This setup ensures convenience and efficiency for users engaged in multiple underwater missions.

Portability and Protection

Understanding the mobility needs of the Blueye Robotics users, who often transport ROV equipment between different locations, the company ships the Rugged Controller in a Blueye equipment case. This stackable case, equipped with a handle, ensures the safe and secure transportation of the controller, alongside other external Blueye equipment and select ROV accessories.


In summary, the partnership of Blueye Robotics and UXV Technologies has not only addressed the immediate needs for a rugged and compatible controller but has also introduced several advantages for underwater operations. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the mission of Blueye Robotics to provide top-notch solutions to their clients, enabling them to explore the depths of the oceans with greater ease and efficiency.

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