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At UXV we are good colleagues

If you work a 9-5 job, you likely spend more time with your coworkers than you do with your significant other, family, and friends. This makes the relationship you have with your colleagues very important for your daily well-being.

In order to enjoy work, it is vital to develop strong relationships with the people you work with. It is important to understand how to be a good coworker so that you and your team can build strong working relationships. The stronger these relationships, the better your communication, your effectiveness, and your productivity will be.

At UXV Technologies we care about our employees and about creating a kind, creative, welcoming, and “homey” working environment. We believe in inspiring and learning from each other, and we enjoy seeing how different people and talents work together to create something completely unique. Our employees are the core of UXV and the reason for our success. Therefore, it is vital that they thrive and work well together.

We asked some of our employees what they think makes a good co-worker and why they think good co-workers are important. Their answers are truly inspiring.

Tommy Staker, Mechatronic engineer

I’ve worked around the world in different industries, positions, and work cultures, and one thing I have learned is that a good colleague makes a world of a difference. I have found that being a good colleague is more just being polite or friendly. A good colleague is honest and helpful; they share their opinions and give critical feedback. A good colleague is also someone you can trust; you know that they want their coworkers to succeed.

A good colleague doesn’t just clock in and clock out, but rather they enjoy what they do. There is something special about UXV and my coworkers here. There is a passion shared by the employees at UXV where good enough isn’t just good enough - they strive for perfection. They really love what they’re doing, and they eagerly help and build one another up.

This is so crucial and one of the reasons why I believe UXV is industry leading. UXV’s success isn’t just one person’s success; it is entire teams working in unity to achieve something. When one person succeeds and accomplishes their goals, everyone has something to celebrate. The employees here are actively engaged in sharing knowledge and skills. In my opinion they are the most talented and lovely people to work with and one of the many reasons why I love working here.

Nikolai Berthelsen, Software developer intern

For starters, I think a good colleague is someone you can count on when you need to and someone you know will do their best to achieve a common goal. At the same time, a good colleague is someone you can have fun with because that helps your daily well-being and makes your daily life better. I think communication is everything and that good communication is the key to success. That is what I love most about being a part of UXV Technologies. There is room to talk, we can have fun and help each other out. We get the work done and we achieve our goals, but we always do it with a smile.

Valentyna Kalashnyk, 3D product visualizer

Everyone has their own point of view, but a good colleague accepts interpersonal differences and welcomes everyone, regardless of their opinions and beliefs. A good colleague is attentive and shows that they are interested in their coworker, that they are listening, and that what they have to say is valuable. It is also someone who is willing to collaborate, work hard in groups, and someone who can think creatively, and come up with new ideas or solutions.

More importantly, a good colleague comes to work every day with an optimistic attitude. They try to spread positivity among their coworkers and help them feel comfortable and excited about work. They are someone who can inspire and influence others to do their best and reach their full potential. It is also important that your coworkers are organized and can meet deadlines and prioritize their time because it results in the best work and the best working environment. When people show that they are committed to their work and the company, they can inspire their coworkers to do the same.

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