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Mechanical Engineer

Are you our new mechanical engineer?

When working at UXV Technologies´┐Ż mechanical department, you contribute to designing, developing, building, and testing all possible mechanical devices. You should be able to design and manufacture everything from small parts to large connectors.

We have great expectations when it comes to your mechanical skills. Quality is expressed at every stage of tackling an assignment. Our mechanical engineers must deliver a solution as strong as possible. You must ensure the quality of the product and do it before it ends up in the hands of the supplier.

A good mechanical engineer is not something you are, but something you become.

As a Mechanical engineer, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. You will work in close collaboration with your co-workers and have a big influence on your own work.

Your development is in focus

The learning curve is steep and as a mechanical Engineer you will be working with some of the industry's most innovative and competent minds. You will be challenged with projects which will test you and expand your skills.

You will learn and grow with us

We practice an informal management style in a healthy professional environment where the company is in focus. From day one, you will have a lot of responsibility because we believe that trust in the individual´┐Żs abilities creates the best results. However, you will work closely with your colleagues, so you will never be alone or without support in your work. At UXV Technologies, you will get exciting challenges, skilled colleagues, and exceptionally professional and personal development opportunities.

What do we expect

We place significant demands on our mechanical engineers. We expect that you are professionally skilled, curious, and a team player. We hope for continuous professional and personal development. Our high expectations are met by attractive salary- and employment conditions in a modern and informal environment with good career opportunities.

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