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The SRM (Swappable radio module) radios are a US government standard for defense robotics. With The SRM radios you have more than 25 different radio configurations available which all fit the same interface. The SRM radios offer a high level of flexibility, since you are not locked to one system, but can swap radios as you like. With the SRM-S radios you get a radio that uses under 15 watts of power.

The SRM-S fits Microhard, Doodle labs, SDR-RTL, and Trellisware*.
Ask our sales representative if you would like to integrate another type of radio

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Mechanical Features
  • Environmental rating: IP65
  • SRM-S-DL
  • MIL-810 STD
  • Size: from 2.64 x 3.19 x 0.87 inches / 67 x 81 x 22 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: from 0.26 lbs / 120 g

* = Optional

  • Microhard
  • Doodle labs
  • Trellisware

* = Optional

  • Up to 2 x TNC connectors
  • 1 x SRM
  • 1 x SD-card slot

* = Optional

  • Voltage range: 5.5 - 20 DC [V]
  • Current: Maximum 3 [A]
  • Watt: Maximum 15 [W]

* = Optional

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