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SRoC: A breakthrough in ground control

The defense industry is constantly changing. And therefore, the solutions we use need to follow this change.

And this is where the new Soldier Robotic Controller (SRoC) comes into play. With the SRoC controller we, at UXV Technologies, present the next generation of ground control solutions.

“With the new SRoC controller, we change the normal concept of ground control stations and offer a solution with the highest level of flexibility,” CEO Steven Friberg explains about the SRoC.

With our new SRoC controller, we offer a ruggedized ground control station built on top of the Panasonic FZ-S1. The SRoC controller is a standard non-customizable product developed for the modern ground control station user with flexibility at its highest level.

SRoC offers high communication flexibility through the new innovative radio platforms SRM and the Nett Warrior connector, directly mounted in the controller’s handles.

Our Swappable Radio Module (SRM) is a US government standard for defense robotics. With our SRM radios you have more than 25 different radio configurations available which all fit the same interface.

“Our SRM radios offer a high level of flexibility, since you are not locked to one system, but can swap radios as you like, when and where you want it,” Steven further explains.

If you did not already see it, we hosted a webinar about the SRoC, that you can watch here: 

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