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Recruiting the right people for UXV

For start-ups like UXV Technologies, finding the right people can be one of the most important tasks a company can undertake. In a start-up, the environment is fast-paced, dynamic, and innovative and the right talent can mean the difference between success and failure. This week we talked with Head of Legal and HR, Salma Salameh, about how she recruits at UXV to make sure she finds the right people.

The recruitment process starts as any other with the need for new employees and job postings on the website or social media. 

“We always have standard postings on our website, because we have some positions that we always need people for. Then we have the more urgent and specific positions, that we figure out with time, we need,” Salma explains. 

However, on one parameter, UXV Technologies’ way of recruiting differs from the typical standard. “At UXV we do not care about degrees and you do not need to have a specific background to be relevant for a specific position. We believe that skills and interests can be acquired through hobbies and other activities as well as education,” Salma tells. 

Therefore, At UXV, what you come from does not matter. It is your passion and what you bring to the table that makes you interesting and a valuable asset. 

When looking through applications and conducting interviews, Salma makes sure that the qualifications fit, but importantly she wants to make sure that the profile fits with UXV: 

“We are a very diverse company with many different teams and personalities. When we are recruiting new people it is crucial that we can see them as part of the team. We work better when we connect with our coworkers and therefore we focus a great deal on the personal profile when we recruit.” 

But how do you know if a person is the right fit for the company when you have only met them for an interview? 

“For me, the most important factor in determining if a person is a good fit for UXV is the impression and the feeling I get during the interview. We sometimes ask a few “test” questions to ensure that the candidate is the right fit. It is not just about writing a good application and having an impressive resume. It is more about the feeling we get when we meet the candidate. After talking to them and observing them, we can quickly tell if they are a good match,” Salma explains. 

However, it sometimes happens that a candidate who seems to be a good match is hired, but it turns out to be a bad match when they start up: “When this happens, we try to use the experience to guide our decisions next time. Nobody is perfect, so mismatches can happen, but we always learn from it and decrease the odds of it happening again. Afterall, our employees are our most valuable asset, so we take pride in choosing the right ones.” 

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