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Operational environment: What to Consider

When choosing a ground control station, the operational environment and conditions are vital aspects to take into consideration. We have gathered three things to consider and remember about the operational environment before choosing a ground control station.

Day/night time operations

Operations in dark environments might require special attention and an NVG-compatible ground control station. This allows the equipment to be used while wearing a night vision device such as night vision goggles.

Operations in environments with radio disturbances

Radio disturbances can impact the operations in various ways such as limiting the range of the video/communication link and thereby affecting the quality output and the reliability of the operation. Radio disturbance risks can be reduced in many ways by choosing the right communication equipment.

Operations, where other equipment can be impacted by the electromagnetic disturbances caused by the GCS

Choosing or designing a ground control station that is EMC compliant, ensures that components do not influence the electromagnetic environment to the extent that the functions of other devices and systems are affected.

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