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Integration with our Ground Control Stations

Whether you are a software or hardware developer, we have made it easy for you to integrate and further extend our solutions.

UXV Technologies is founded by a team of engineers and software developers. This puts us in the position of knowing and understanding the challenges that integration engineers and developers face when they are introduced to new equipment.

Therefore, we build all of our products using open standard protocols. This enables developers to use the standard functionality of most programming languages and use known hardware integration protocols with our Ground Control Stations.

Human Interface Device (HID) / USB

The primary way of integrating with buttons and joysticks is by using the HID standard which allows the software to easily communicate with the hardware via standard USB ports. Examples of HID devices known to most programmers are standard mice, keyboards, and gaming joysticks. Using the standard HID protocol means that most programming languages (such as C# and Java) provide standard libraries for the integration, giving most programmers easy access to data and control.


Our ground control stations can be supplied with traditional TCP/IP interfaces which enable communication with the ground control station. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and is known to most developers as a connection between entities on the internet. By using the TCP/IP connection, the remote vehicle/drone can be controlled or monitored through the internet via standard software or custom software with standard libraries.

Other Interfaces

Beside HID and TCP, which are the most common integration methods, our ground control stations can be supplied with other communication methods such as serial communication and S-BUS/PPM. Since all of our ground control solutions are delivered as customized solutions, you get the freedom to specify your favorite protocol/method, which we implement in the hardware solution.

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