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DTC Communications partners with UXV Technologies

DTC and UXV Technologies are happy to announce our new partnership which is based on believing that strong partnerships are one of the best ways to create value for our customers. Also, we believe that our partnership will make it possible to deliver stronger final products concurrent with creating more confidence and value for our customers. We are looking forward to collaborating and sharing the same core values.

"We are partnering with UXV because, just like us, they put their customers first by meeting their needs and requirements," says Juan Navarro, CEO of DTC Communications Inc.

The purpose of our partnership is to work continuously on generating value for our customers. A key factor in ensuring value is by partnering up and combining solutions and products from multiple technology leaders.

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • Quality Solutions
  • Customer-focused
  • Customers will have faster access to the market

In the long term, we believe that we can combine our technology as we each have our specific knowledge. Our combination will consist of DTC's communication tools and UXV Technologies' ground control stations. In that way, we can offer our customers a combined package solution.


About DTC:

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, DTC is a world leader in Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) mission-critical tactical communication solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Unmanned Systems. DTC's differentiated Waveforms deliver the greatest range and throughput with the lowest latency yielding secure real-time situational awareness in the most challenging environments. For Further Information:

Elaine Wilde  VP Global Marketing 
DTC Communications Inc. 

About UXV:

UXV Technologies is a radio-agnostic, robotic control technology-based company in Denmark that has been developing, designing, and producing professional OEM solutions for a wide range of customers in the government and commercial sectors since 2014. For Further Information:

Klaus Aude 
UXV Technologies ApS 
(+45) 29 79 49 29


SOURCE DTC Communications (DTC)

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