Navigator Tab2 Ground Control Station

Navigator Tab2

The Navigator Tab2 extends the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2© and lets you communicate with and control UAVs, robots or other remote vehicles.

With the Navigator Tab2 we offer our first easy extendable addon to an existing Samsung Tablet, allowing you to “dock” in your tablet and thereby gaining the capability to operate using the Navigator Tab2s joysticks and buttons. For operation the platform offers 2x joystick, 2x 5-direction buttons and 2x buttons - All joysticks and buttons can be customized so it fits your needs and requirements. With the IP 65 USB-C the Navigator Tab2 allows the operator to extend functionality further, as it enables the user to connect the navigator to other mobile devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2© is a reliable water and dust resistant versatile tablet, built to maximize mobile workers efficiency. The Galaxy Tab Active2© offers trusted security measures such as biometric authentication. This includes face recognition, to keep one hand free while unlocking your device and fingerprint scanning, to guarantee advanced and convenient data protection.

The Navigator Tab2 supports our NavBay platform, allowing you to easily mount or switch between different types of popular radios such as Microhard, Doodle Labs, Silvus Technologies, and Persistent Systems. This enables you to control, operate, and collect data over long distances with high reliability and efficiency.

The Navigator Tab2 is delivered as a stand-alone dock and therefore without the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2©. The installation of your tablet is done quickly by unscrewing the two security bolts and sliding in the tablet. This enables users to quickly replace or switch between configurations and tablets, and thereby types of vehicles being operated.

The Navigator tab2 is supplied in quantities as low as one unit and is ready for order on our coming webshop in the middle of november 2020.


The Navigator Tab2 supports our NavBay platform which is a modular Plug’n’Play solution that allows communication modules to be installed or switched with ease, enabling new communication methods using popular radios such as RJ45, Microhard, Doodle Labs, Silvus Technologies, and Persistent Systems.


Tablet support

Fits Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2©
<Not included>


2x joystick, 2x 5-direction buttons, 2x buttons



930g including tablet (Tablet weight 420 g)

(Depending on the specific Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 tablet offered in your region)


284.2 x 132.6 x 42


USB-C, NavBay